Working Smarter is Not a Substitute for Hard Work

It never fails, you’re working hard, busting your rear to meet all the demands put on you and your team, and inevetibitaly your manager, co-worker or family member speaks with resounding revolition, “work smarter, not harder.”

This is one of the worst advisements you can accept. Let’s take a weak moment and reflect how most (including my former self at one time) thought how this phrase perfectly described an wonderful notion. If we simply find ways to be smarter, by either automating, doing more with less, or finding shortcuts then we can get that same work done with less effort. I do agree, that many times possible to do that same work with less effort. Accomplished as we might be, and feeling like geniuses, we still find ourselves circling back into a situation where we need to “work smarter, not harder”. Wait, we were just working smarter and we’re still working too hard! - you might think.

It took me more time than I care to admit how misguiding this common phrase is. Really, the notion behind the phrase is to find ways to be lazy and do less. The one truth in success, whether that be your business, your career, your family or your ambitions, is that hard work will be required, more than you ever anticipated, more than you can stomach right now, but don’t let that frighten you, let it motivate you to work smarter and harder. Yes, you can brute your way through all the hard work and get to the same place, but if you work smarter you give yourself the opportunity to work even harder than before. What a powerful way to approach life by changing just one word from a negative to a positive.

This is the approach I’m taking by revitalizing and rebranding my personal blog. What a better way to grow than to teach and solidify my experiences and lessons learned in writing. Memory is fickle, but a written thought remains static in time, and allows you to fold in additional experiences and lessons to gain more understanding.

Accelerate experience.



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